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Why Work with Us?

Share your passion for science, programming, gaming, engineering, art and robotics with kids/teens from all over the world. Our mission is to provide experiences that help young people gain both the confidence and skills that will help them in school and life.

When you work for DMA, you join other passionate innovators/educators who believe in unlocking the curiosity of young people. You’ll work with some of the most creative, talented and engaged people you’ll ever meet and form bonds that last a lifetime. You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference you’ll make this summer!


Inspire and Grow at Digital Media Academy

Learn how working at DMA can boost your portfolio and help find your passion.

Competitive Pay

DMA offers competitive pay rates at the upper tier of the summer camp industry.

Career Development

Explore different positions, acquire new leadership + technical skills to boost your career or portfolio.

Growth Opportunities

Network with other industry pros, use the latest software + inspire the next generation of creators.

Exciting Summer Experience

A fast paced setting, unique course offerings + passionate staff make the DMA experience one-of-a-kind.

Browse Our Available Positions

We are currently hiring for both temporary summer positions and permanent corporate roles. For a table of summer camp dates by location please visit our FAQ page.


Summer Staff

Join our summer team! Many of our staff members have gone on to bring the leadership skills they cultivate at DMA to careers in technology, design, arts, and management and cite their time with us as a period of growth and professional development. We’re proud of our team and think what we do is meaningful.

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Corporate Jobs

Digital Media Academy’s culture is built by a dedicated team of people who are at the cutting edge of our industry! Located in Silicon Valley and Vancouver, our staff enjoys a fun and creative environment where we take pride in developing the next generation of innovators and creators at our camps and programs across the nation.

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International Immersion Staff

Every year DMA hosts groups of students from countries all over the world. Staff members for our International programs demonstrate the highest level of cultural sensitivity and leadership excellence.  Apply for a position with our International programs and be part of a unique, life changing experience.

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Learn About the Hiring Process

Interested candidates may begin submitting applications in January and our HR team will begin reviewing applications starting on January 9, 2019. To begin the hiring process, submit your application and resume via our job portal for the position(s) of your choice. Note: You do not have to submit separate applications if you are interested in multiple Instructional positions.

Applicants who meet our criteria and hiring needs will be contacted within 1 – 2 weeks to schedule an interview. If we are able to offer you a position, you will receive an offer letter usually within 2 – 7 business days after your interview(s) and we ask for a response within 48 hours.  Once you have accepted your offer, you will receive your hiring paperwork via email within one week.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the dates for the camp locations?

Can I apply for multiple positions?

We encourage our staff to apply for any position that fits their interests or career paths. It is our job to help you find your place on the DMA team. We do, however, require different applications for each job category. For example, our summer and corporate staff require two separate applications. You may apply for multiple positions within each category, but if you would like to apply for different teams, you must submit separate applications.

I am a returning staff member. Do I need to reapply?

Each employee must “apply” for their desired position. If you are applying for the same position as last year, you will only have to complete some basic information. If you are applying for a position that is different than your prior role, you will have to complete a new application.


I am from a country outside of the US and Canada, can DMA support my Visa?

No. We are not a sponsoring organization of work visas from countries outside our business regions. DMA can only support Canadian citizens who would like to work at our Canadian sites, and US citizens who would like to work at our locations in the United States. Employees with dual Canadian/US citizenship may work in both countries. Digital Media Academy does NOT provide paperwork or support for the visa process.