International Immersion Positions

Every year DMA hosts groups of students from countries all over the world. Staff members for our International programs demonstrate the highest level of cultural sensitivity and leadership excellence.  Apply for a position with our International programs and be part of a unique, life changing experience.

International Program Director

Program Directors are the trusted inspirational leaders of our camps! They preside over the operation of the day and night program (where offered). Program Directors manage and support all camp staff including setting the overall culture and energy of the camp. The Program Director will have overall responsibility for the smooth operation of the summer camp program on-site. They serve as the location supervisor by managing and supporting the camp program operational team and instructional team, while supervising the DMA experience for campers and parents.


International Camp Counselor

Camp Counselors for our international programs keep the fun going after classes wrap each day.  International Camp Counselors are responsible for planning and implementing culturally immersive, engaging group activities for students to enrich their DMA experience.  Counselors work with their International Program Director to ensure that activities remain within budget and that all guidelines, rules and expectations for the DMA overnight program are met.