Can I apply for multiple positions?

We encourage our staff to apply for any position that fits their interests or career paths. It is our job to help you find your place on the DMA team. We require different applications for each job category. For example, our summer and corporate staff require two separate applications. Furthermore, individuals interested in both the TA and Instructor positions should not submit a separate application for each.  You may indicate on one application that you would like to be considered for both roles.  This also applies to individuals interested in both the Director and Assistant Director positions, and for those interested in both the International Camp Counselor and International Director positions.

I am from a country outside of the US and Canada. Can DMA support my Visa?

No. We are not a sponsoring organization of work visas from countries outside our business regions. DMA can only support Canadian citizens who would like to work at our Canadian sites, and US citizens who would like to work at our locations in the states.

I am a returning staff member. Do I need to reapply?

Each employee must “apply” for their desired position. If you are applying for the same position as last year, you will only have to complete some basic information. If you are applying for a position that is different than your prior role, you will have to complete a new application.

What can I include in my portfolio (if applicable)?

All submissions need to be submitted via a URL, as our system cannot support uploading large files. Photos, short films, school projects, personal websites, albums of your work, or a link of references to your work are all acceptable forms of portfolio submission.

What are the CPR/ First Aid requirements for DMA staff?

All DMA staff who work directly with our campers will be required to obtain CPR and First Aide Certifications, however, the level of certification is dependent upon your role and level of interaction with our campers. You MUST be certified prior to the first day of camp.  We require the following:

  • Instructors, TAs, Tech Directors, Tech Assistants, Admin Assistants: Online CPR/ First Aid certification
  • Directors, Assistant Directors, Camp Counselors: in-person CPR/ First Aid certification
  • Event Techs: no CPR certification is required

For in-person certification requirements, we only accept certifications from Red Cross, American Heart Association, or an approved in-person training facility. We can provide a list of approved online CPR certifications for instructors once you are hired. If you have more questions about CPR certifications, please contact

Does DMA pay for my CPR certification?

DMA is not responsible for the cost of CPR certification.

Will DMA cover my travel, parking, or housing at my desired location(s)?

DMA is not responsible for securing housing or travel for our camp staff. Parking on campus will not be covered by DMA, but we may provide a suggested list of alternative parking options for each location. Our Residential Staff, or any International Immersion staff that is required to be on site with students overnight, will be provided with on-campus housing and meals.

How many locations can I apply for?

The application will only allow you to select up to three preferred locations, but you may state other locations of interest if you are selected for an interview. Many of our employees choose to fill their summer by working at multiple locations across the country.  Keep in mind that DMA is not responsible for travel or housing if you choose to work non-locally.

What are your age requirements to work at DMA?

Please review the job description of each position you are interested in applying to see the age requirements for the role.

If I cannot complete my application, will my progress be saved?

The application does not autosave, however you can manually save your application at any point and return to it at a later time. Your application progress will be saved in your employee profile.

How will I know if my application went through?

A confirmation screen will pop up at the end of the application to confirm that it has successfully been submitted. You may also login to your employee profile to check on the status of your application.

How long does it take for DMA to process an application?

We have a high influx of applications for our program from January to May. Please allow at least 7-10 business days to receive a response.

Where can I see the status of my application?

You may log into your employee profile to check on the status of your application at any time. We will also send you email updates regarding your progress in our hiring process.

What makes you different from your competitors?

At DMA, our mission is to provide a high quality academic experience and our employees are our most valuable resource in completing this mission. We have structured classrooms, with teachers and teaching assistants that lead our professionally developed curriculum. Our pay rates encourage the skilled professionals we seek to come and inspire the next generation. We do not have generic camp staff who must generalize in basic computer skills to lead a class. As an employee at DMA you will be immersed in a creative environment surrounded by like-minded leaders. If this is your first job, DMA fosters a community of skill-based practices and mentorships from lead Instructors and Directors.

What are the job requirements before the camp starts?

DMA requires all hiring packet information to be completed before the first day of camp. This includes providing proof of a CPR/First Aide certification (for positions required to have a CPR/First Aide certification), a completed hiring packet and a successful background check (run by DMA HR).

All staff must complete courses in our online Learning Management Site (LMS), as well as attending orientations for your site so you can get to know the staff beforehand.

I didn’t get the position I applied for. Can I apply for another position or reapply next year?

Our positions are in high demand and fill quickly. Please do not be discouraged if the positions you wanted are filled or are no longer available. You may contact our HR team to see if there are other offerings that might fit your schedule or skill set, or apply next year for a similar role. For inquiries please email

Are DMA employees independent contractors?

DMA employees are not independent contractors. All summer staff are seasonal employees of DMA which requires them complete a W-4 Federal tax form as well as any state tax forms for the states that they work in.

If I am hired by DMA, can I get a discount for my children to take a course?

We believe our employees are our most valuable resource. We do offer a Friends and Family discount for summer employees.