Jobs at Digital Media Academy

Classroom Instruction

Our Instructional staff is at the heart of what sets us a part from other programs. Being a part of our Instructional team means you will be part of a nationwide family that is dedicated to embracing creativity by utilizing various technology tools. Our staff are full of energy, passionate about education, and have multi-discipline interests in the tech world. If you are not sure what courses or program type would fit your interests, one of our qualified hiring specialists can help you find your place in our community. (Please note: Instructional jobs are scheduled on a week-to-week basis, while Program and Residential positions are scheduled for the full camp duration.)

  • Instructor

    Instructors lead students into explorations of gaming, filmmaking, programming, art and robotics. They have a strong understanding of their subject matter, a genuine desire to work with and lead a group of teens or kids. They are patient, energetic, and able to let their guard down and have fun!

Corporate Staff

  • Sales & Marketing Specialist/Coordinator

    We are looking for a high-performing Sales and Marketing Coordinator to work with us to meet and exceed our customer acquisition and revenue growth targets by helping drive sales and marketing activities with our sales and marketing teams. Interested applicants should send their cover letter and resume to