Instructional Positions

Our Instructional staff is at the heart of what sets us a part from other programs. Being a part of our Instructional team means you will be part of a nationwide family that is dedicated to embracing creativity by utilizing various technology tools. Our staff are full of energy, passionate about education, and have multi-discipline interests in the tech world. If you are not sure what courses or program type would fit your interests, our Hiring Team can help you find your place in our community.

Please note that DMA courses run for one week each with alternating courses every week. Instructors and TAs are scheduled on a week-to-week basis, therefore schedules will vary based on available weekly openings. Our Hiring team will contact candidates with proficiencies that match the available course openings. For inquiries regarding locations and position availability please contact

Course Instructor

Course Instructors are the rockstars of DMA summer camps. As the head of the classroom, Course Instructors lead students into explorations of gaming, filmmaking, programming, art, and robotics. They have a strong understanding of their subject matter, a genuine desire to work with and lead a group of teens or kids. They are patient, energetic, and able to let their guard down and have fun!

*Note: Digital Media Academy does not provide housing for Instructors or TAs.


Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants help lead instructors in inspiring and motivating campers! They assist with daily instructional and classroom responsibilities as well as lead recreation activities during non-class time. Successful TAs have a passion for technology and working with kids and teens! Our TAs bring a work ethic and a high level of energy that helps ensure our campers have a memorable experience that they will never forget. Note: TA positions are staffed based on student : staff ratios and are contingent upon class enrollment. TA applicants may be waitlisted until closer to camp season when student registrations in our classes merit the additional classroom staff members.

Note: Digital Media Academy does not provide housing for Instructors or TAs. 


Residential Positions

Our Camp Counselors get to enjoy bringing the camp spirit alive for students after a full day of course work. The overnight staff gets to live in the dormitories with the students, eat meals with them, run high-energy activities, and participate in local off-campus excursions. This position is perfect for camp enthusiasts who love working with kids and traveling. Since we provide your housing and meals, why not explore a little this summer?

Note: Residential positions are scheduled for the full camp duration and Counselors live on campus in DMA provided accommodations. We are seeking counselors at our Stanford and Toronto locations.


Camp Counselor

Camp Counselors (CC) are responsible for the residential experience for our teen campers who stay on campus overnight. Camp Counselors live on campus for the full duration of the summer program dates. In addition to organizing and participating in one or more activities each evening, CCs are responsible for fostering an exciting and positive experience for all campers while enforcing rules and curfews.

*Note: Housing is provided for this position and meals are covered by DMA. As of 5/25 we are seeking counselors at the following sites: Duke, GWU, Austin, Seattle, UCSD (for the week of 7/16 – 7/20).

Residential Coordinator

 The Residential Coordinator (RC) is responsible for leading the residential experience for our teen campers who stay on campus overnight. The RC will live on campus at Stanford for the full duration of the summer program dates. In addition to organizing and participating in activities along with Camp Counselors, the RC is also responsible for managing the residential program budget, supervising Camp Counselors daily, and promoting a fun and safe environment for campers.

Note: As of 5/17 this position is filled. Applicants for our Residential Program may apply for a Camp Counselor position for the following sites: Austin, GWU, Seattle, Duke or UCSD (for the week of 7/16 – 7/20 only).


Program + Administrative Positions

The program staff is vital in maintaining the mission of Digital Media Academy while fostering community amongst all staff members. Each role is specialized in managing tasks and departments that keep the camp running at the highest quality possible for our staff and students. Program staff gets to be involved in all aspects of camp operations and logistics, as well as getting the unique opportunity to interact with students in and out of the classroom. If you are having a hard time selecting just one position, apply for multiple positions that interest you and our staff will help you find your place within DMA.

Note: Program and Administrative positions are scheduled for a camp’s full duration. At this time Director and Admin Assistant positions are filled and we are primarily seeking Tech Assistants for the following sites: Stanford, Seattle, Chicago, Northwestern, Irvine, UCSD, UCLA, UBC, Toronto, and NYU.

Tech Assistant

Tech Assistants assist the Program and Assistant Directors to ensure that the DMA camper and staff experience is positive through consistent monitoring and maintenance of each camp’s technical systems and equipment. Tech Assistants provide technical support for multiple computer labs as well as support campus connectivity, tech assets, and ensure that DMA’s standards of excellence in the student experience are reflected in the condition of technical materials provided in the classrooms.

*Note: Digital Media Academy does not provide housing for Tech Assistants.


Administrative Assistant

This position is available at our Stanford location only. Administrative Assistants support the on-campus operation team to ensure the smooth execution of the summer program by handling administrative tasks, campus-based logistical needs, and serve as a resource for addressing attendee needs in a timely and professional manner. They are detail oriented team members who represent the DMA camp spirit in all their interactions with students and parents by serving needs efficiently, triaging and escalating issues to Directors when necessary, and serving as a central communication hub between attendees and the operational team.

*Note: Digital Media Academy does not provide housing for Administrative Assistants.

Program Director

Program Directors are the trusted inspirational leaders of our camps! They preside over the operation of the day and night program (where offered). Program Directors manage and support all camp staff including setting the overall culture and energy of the camp. The Program Director will have overall responsibility for the smooth operation of the summer camp program on-site. They serve as the location supervisor by managing and supporting the camp program operational team and instructional team, while supervising the DMA experience for campers and parents.

*Note: Digital Media Academy does not provide housing for Program Directors. As of 5/7/18 all Program Director positions are filled. All incoming applications for the role will be waitlisted.

Assistant Program Director

Assistant Directors are enthusiastic leaders of our camps who work closely with the Program Director in overseeing the operation of the day and night programs (where offered). This role requires a person who is able to wear many hats to ensure a smooth operation including providing oversight of many of the technical aspects of the camp as well as many of the administrative tasks.

*Note: Digital Media Academy does not provide housing for Assistant Directors. As of 5/7/18 all Assistant Program Director positions are filled.